100th Post / Break Time

As of yesterday, I posted my 100th recommendation, so I am taking a week off to recharge my batteries. Anomalous Cinema will be back next Wednesday, March 25th. From that point on I will be posting every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, as well as at least once a week for any folks that want to support this site on Patreon. More on that later.

In the meantime, you can get a lot out of the existing recommendations by using the tags. There’s one for each subscription service and movie genre.

To tide you over in case you’re in isolation, here’s some quickie recommendations (I suggest you them look up on imdb before watching):

City of God (2002)
Filmworker (2018)
Green Room (2016)
Magnolia (1999)
Train to Busan (2016)

Amazon Prime:
The Act of Killing (2012)
Downfall (2004)
The Mechanic (1972)
Milius (2013)
The Street Fighter (1974)

Coherence (2013 – Also on Amazon Prime)
Das Boot (1981)
We Need to Talk About Kevin (2011 – Also on Amazon Prime)

Please comment or email me with any questions.

Thank you for your support. Please stay safe out there. -Jonathan

If you are a fan of Anomalous Cinema please consider supporting the site over on Patreon. You’ll get exclusive content every week, and help in the creation of a book version very similar to what you see here.

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