American Movie (1999)

Streaming on The Criterion Channel | imdb | trailer 

CRITERION CHANNEL?!?! Yep. This is a one-off, special recommendation that was intended for the book version of Anomalous Cinema. The Criterion Channel just added this film to their lineup for July, so I figured I might as well just share what I wrote. I have a feeling that Criterion will be releasing it on disc very soon. The streaming version looks MUCH better than any previous edition of the film I’ve seen before.

Mark Borchardt is a struggling filmmaker, and a documentary crew follows him as he completes his first fully-realized short feature. When this movie was initially released, it was an independent hit, but it fell into obscurity for the last ten years. Director Chris Smith has gone on to direct the very good Netflix documentary Fyre, and produce the massively over-hyped series Tiger King. I have seen American Movie multiple times, and it never gets old. It’s funny as hell, touching, thought-provoking, and a serious statement about someone fighting to make their art. I am also partial to it because it reminds me of the days helping my friend Isaac Williams make his first feature The Mind in 2006-7. I was a part-time boom operator, PA, and did the original score. If a shooting day went by without a quote from this documentary, followed by much laughter, I would be shocked. This documentary is must-see Anomalous Cinema.

Not available on Blu-ray.

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