Devil’s Express (1976)

Streaming on Amazon Prime | imdb | trailer

Aka Gang Wars. What the man doesn’t tell you is that back in the mid ‘70s New York City was plagued with Kung Fu gangs and zombies. Low-budget exploitation doesn’t get much better than this.

Please note: 1) Deep creep analog synth as the eyelid zombie staggers around NYC. 2) Theodore Gottlieb, who voiced the original Gollum, has a cameo as a priest.

Bonus: Yet another amazing 35mm double feature I saw was Devil’s Express with Death Promise. That’s right, this ain’t no Death Wish punk, it’s a PROMISE. You can watch them back to back on Amazon (psychoactives encouraged). Death Promise isn’t in HD but looks decent. If you’re doing things right, you won’t care.

Available on Blu-ray from Code Red.

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