A Prayer Before Dawn (2017)

Streaming on HBO Max | imdb | trailer

Damn good biopic based on the true story of an English man jailed in Thailand who betters himself by boxing in prison. This film is as gritty as they come, and absolutely not for the timid viewer. The violence and human degradation is almost constant. A Prayer… feels a little long, but every scene seems to be necessary, so maybe don’t watch in one sitting. The fight sequences kept the pace up even though I am 100% not a sports enthusiast. The acting and cinematography are top notch as well. How in the hell did the director get these performances out of legit Thai criminals? I need to see a making-of. Much like the book “In the Belly of the Beast,” this movie made me value my freedom like you wouldn’t believe.

Available on Blu-ray. from Lion’s Gate.

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