Ghost World (2001)

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An irreverent girl graduates high school, and needs to figure out what’s next, all while navigating many weird characters in Anytown, USA. Well, not Anytown. It seems like a Middle America mashup of Austin, Portland, OR and a more typical, boring small city. Directed by Terry Zwigoff (Crumb, Art School Confidential, etc.) and based on the graphic novel by Daniel Clowes, this is a wonderfully unique comedy / drama. It manages to feature some hilariously surreal moments that will remind you very much of situations that have happened to you, or stories you’ve heard friends tell. “Man, the STRANGEST thing just happened…” If you have a counter cultural bone in your body, this is essential viewing. My partner and I still reference this regularly. We even named our cat after the lead character Enid. I rate Ghost World among my favorite films, and will never get sick of watching it. Younger viewers please be prepared for some “triggering” situations and dialog, or just skip it.

Available on Blu-ray from Criterion Collection.

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