New Job = Anomalous Changes

Hello Anomalous Cinephiles,

Today I am starting a new day job which I need to give my full attention to. That means I will be posting here much less frequently.

I hope that I will be able to share a new recommendation at least once a week. No promises though.

However I will be continuing work on my Patreon page the same as always:

– A new list of micro-recommendations / movie-related links at least twice a month (usually once a week).

– A monthly list of 25 recommended films currently streaming on The Criterion Channel.

– An exclusive advanced look at recommended movies that will be in the upcoming Anomalous Cinema book (one per week). Also, if it’s available, I’ll tell you where you can find the movie.

– Ask a question, I’ll post an answer.

If the thought of less Anomalous Cinema is just too painful, maybe pay the $3 a month for my Patreon crap? Check it out at

I promise to make sure that all the movies active on this site are still available on their streaming service(s). If I happen to miss one that is expired, please comment or email me at vergeoflight (at) gmail.

I’ll still be posting daily-ish on Twitter @AnomalousCinema, so follow me if you’re into that.

Thank you. -Jonathan

Anomalous on Twitter

Follow @AnomalousCinema on Twitter. I’d appreciate it if you’d spread the word among your followers too.

I will be reminding you of older movie recommendations that are still active on their service(s) every day in between new posts.

Thanks. -Jonathan

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Update / Patreon Launch

Thank you for your patience folks. Regular recommendation posts will begin again on Wednesday. For now I’m going to try posting recommendations here AT LEAST every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I hope to get back to a daily schedule eventually, but it was too much to juggle at the moment.

For those of you that want to support this website directly, I just started a Patreon page. All I ask is $3 a month and you get a new list of micro-recommendations / movie related links every week. You also get an exclusive advanced look at the reviews that will be in my Anomalous Cinema book. Yep, I’m working on a book of recommendations of my tippity-top favorite films. This publication will be for all of my most beloved movies, ignoring format availability. To sign up just go to:

My best to you and yours during this sucky time. -Jonathan