The Other Side of the Wind (2018)

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There’s been a lot written about this movie. I’m just going to focus one one man who helped make Orson Welles’ lost film available for all to see. Bob Murawski.

Who the hell is that?

Well, Murawski first came to my attention as one of the founders of Grindhouse Releasing (the other was Sage Stallone RIP). Before the advent of DVD they released essential cult films like Cannibal Ferox on Laser Disc. Once I finally got a DVD player I bought the disc version of Ferox and was blown away by the quality of the film restoration and the truckload of extras. Every single movie that Grindhouse has worked on is worth seeing, and a few are downright essential to own.

Later I learned that Murawski was a respected film editor. Grindhouse restored Lucio Fulci’s legendary film The Beyond and Bob managed to edit a shot from Lucio’s film into his work on a little movie called Spiderman (2002). How crazy is that?

Years later Grindhouse resurrected the lost cult film Gone With the Pope. The level of work that went into that restoration is mind boggling. Shortly thereafter Bob was contacted to put those film re-animation skills to work on a certain legendary Orson Welles project. Netflix made a documentary related to The Other Side of the Wind, so naturally I assumed that Murawski’s work would be covered. Nope. While the doc They’ll Love Me When I’m Dead is well-worth watching, if you want to know about Bob’s work you’ll have to read the following interview. That ain’t right.

For all the above mentioned awesome things and more let me say this… Thank you Bob. You are a true hero to the history of cinema.

Oh yeah… I enjoyed The Other Side of the Wind too.

Not available on Blu-ray, but it looks like it may be released by Criterion Collection eventually.

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