Q (1982)

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Prolific cult movie screenwriter and director Larry Cohen passed away last year. When he was involved in a good project you could bet it would be weird, fast paced, and entertaining. This is one of my personal favorites among his output, and it is 100% Anomalous. Here is one of the few movies I saw as a kid that I remember every step of it’s release. First there was the above iconic teaser posters and print ads. Then the “Q is here” poster and TV ads. I distinctly remember watching the film being reviewed on At the Movies with Siskel and Ebert a little while after. I was nine years old so I didn’t see it in the theater, although my older brother did get me into an original screening of Conan the Barbarian around that time (thank you Chris). I ended up seeing Q on cable in 1984 and was not disappointed. Yeah, the low budget shows at times but that is forgivable. This movie is a blast, and it has a really great cast to boot. Enjoy.

Blu-ray available from Shout Factory.

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