The Ninth Configuration (1980)

Streaming on Amazon Prime | imdb | no trailer available

The Exorcist book author William Peter Blatty only directed two movies, but both this, and The Exorcist III, are weird little gems. Well, I think weird doesn’t quite cover The Ninth Configuration. Totally unhinged would be closer to the mark. This is about a military insane asylum, but it takes a little patience to get to where the film goes truly mad. It’s worth the wait, as it has one of the more memorable hallucination sequences I’ve ever seen. Fans of Joe Spinell will enjoy his moments in the film as well. His character wasn’t in the book or script, so his dialog is all improvised. Thank you to Hen’s Tooth for restoring this unique work of cinema and for making it available on Amazon Prime.

Available on Blu-ray from Hen’s Tooth Video.

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